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Bullying is the use of violence, threat, or force to intimidate others. This behaviour can be a habit and involve an imbalance of social and physical power. This behaviour can include verbal abuse or threats, physical violence or force and can be directed repeatedly against a certain victim. It maybe based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability.

It is a very serious problem and dangerous for our social environment. We have to stop every single act of bullying because it has many impacts that could be threatening each involved part of society, not only for the bullied children, but also the children who bully, children who watch a bullying, even for the school with the issue of bullying. Bullying can bring bad influence on children’s physical and mental health. In a heavy case, bullying can be the trigger of a fatal act, as suicide.

There are several problems that might be suffered by children as the victim of bullying. First is a variety of mental problems like depression, anxiety and sleeping trouble; this problem may be carried away until the victim grows to be an adult. The act of bullying will be so difficult to forget by the victims. Second, there would be physical health complaints, as headache, abdominal pain and muscle strain. Third, there is insecurity right in the school environment. Fourth, there is the decline in the spirit of learning and academic achievement. Fifth, in the quite rare case, the victims of bullying will probably show the nature of violence.

Not only to the victims, could the impacts of bullying also affect the doer of bullying. According to a research, when they are growing into an adult, the children who do the act of bullying have big tendency to behave roughly, do criminality, be engaged in vandalism, consume drugs and alcohol, and be engaged in free intercourse. In addition, sixty percent of boys who bully his friend in the primary school or junior high school have convicted at least once over a crime in the age of 24 years.

By watching the act of bullying, children can also get the impacts. They may have a big tendency to feel insecure when they are at school, they may have mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and traumatic feeling. Moreover, they misuse alcohol and drugs due to the stress.

The school, where the act of bullying happens, also gets the impacts. It makes insecurity feeling in the school environment. Besides, the activity of teaching and learning may be not effective. Furthermore, the morality education at the school can be doubted.

It is obvious that bullying is very horrible and we have to stop it due to hazardous impacts such as physical and mental health problem, the quality decline in achievement or work, having bad image, possibility or tendency to be engaged in crime, misusing of alcohol and drugs, until suicide. Those impacts are not only for the victim, but also for the doer, the witness of this act, and the place where bullying happens.



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