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Daftar kecamatan dan kelurahan di Kabupaten Magelang  Wikipedia
Kecamatan Kode Pos Desa Bandongan  Bandongan· Banyuwangi· Gandusari· Kalegen· Kebonagung· Kedungsari· Ngepanrejo· Rejosari· Salamkanci·
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Daftar kecamatan dan kelurahan di Kota Magelang  Wikipedia
Berikut ini adalah daftar kecamatan dan kelurahan di Kota Magelang beserta kode pos mereka Kota Magelang memiliki  kecamatan dan  kelurahan
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 Feb   Kabupaten  Magelang  Kecamatan Bandongan Daftar nama DesaKelurahan di Kecamatan Bandongan di Kabupaten Magelang Provinsi
Nama Desa di Kabupaten Magelang Provinsi Jawa Tengah – Rumah
Kabupaten Magelang merupakan salah satu wilayah di Provinsi Jawa Tengah Secara administratif kewilayahan Kabupaten Magelang memiliki  kecamatan
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Data Kependudukan Kecamatan Magelang Utara berdasarkan pada laporan monografi per Desember  dan laporan Kecamatan dalam Angka untuk tahun
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The Magical Flute

The mouse deer was walking happily in the forest of bamboo. When he was walking, he forgot the way to go out. Then, he tried to go out from shortcut by breaking through bamboo trees. But, unfortunately the mouse deer was pinched between bamboo tree trunks. He shouted to ask help. He hope there was another animal which would helm him.

Not far from bamboo forests, a tiger was resting and listening to birdsong. He imagined that he could sing bird. The wind made the tiger sleepy. Not long after he was snoring, there was an audible sound. The sound of loud was blown by wind.

“Certainly, that is not the sound of chirping birds, the sounds come from the bamboo forests, I would rather investigate It.” said the tiger.

The sound became more obvious when the tiger arrived in the forest of bamboo. He found the mouse deer was pinched between bamboo trees.

“Well, I am lucky today, a delicious dish is already served,” said a tiger to the mouse deer.

The mouse deer was very scared.

“A good tiger, do not eat me, my small body will not definitely make you full.” said the mouse deer.

“I don’t care. I have been waiting for a long time for this chance.” said the tiger.

The wind suddenly blows again.

“What was that sound?” asked tiger curiously.

“It was my magical flute.” The mouse deer answered quickly. His clever brain had found a way to escape. He said that he was ready to teach him if he doesn’t eat the mouse deer. The tifer thought that piping was as great as singing like bird. The mouse deer was piping with the blowing wind. Meanwhile, the tiger paid attention seriously.

“Why is the song only like that?” the tiger asked.

“This is only the basic tone.” The mouse deer answered.

“Like this, try it. But, help me first to get rid of the bamboos.” The mouse deer said.

Then, the tiger did what the mouse deer said until the mouse deer was free from the bamboo which pinched him.

“Now, put your neck inside and put your tongue on this bamboo trunk. Next, pip it.” The mouse deer explained seriously.

“Luckily, there is the stupid lion, there is no magical flute. Haha.” The mouse deer said it in his heart.

The tiger which was pinched between the bamboo didn’t realize that the mouse deer had tricked him.

“Hey, the mouse deer, where are you going?” asked the tiger.

“I want to drink, my throat is dried.” The mouse deer answered.

“I should not learn it by myself.” The tiger said.

“I go for a while, when I come back, you must have been able to blow it.” The mouse deer answered while he was walking away from the tiger.

After the mouse deer went away, the breeze came and the longer it did, the fast it became. The trunks of the bamboo crushed each other and made a sound.

“Yes, I can do it.” The tiger said it excitedly.

He was too excited until his tongue was pinched by the bamboo trunk. He shouted sorely and immediately pulled his tongue from the pinching bamboo.

“I am tricked by the mouse deer. The sound must be from the crashing bamboo trunks. I will give him a lesson I meet him.” The lion said angrily.

He was tired after looking for the mouse deer and then he took a rest under the tree. The breeze came again and made the bamboo trunk crushed each other. The sound of it made him sleepy and finally fell asleep. In his dream, he was be able to blow the real flute and he made the other animals singing.


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