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KARTU UNDANGAN PERNIKAHAN Pernikahan merupakan momen yang paling membahagiakan dalam kehidupan manusia Setiap orang pasti ingin sekali 
Cetak Undangan Pernikahan Di Pandeglang Undangan Pandeglang 
 Nov   Cetak Undangan Pernikahan Pandeglang Murah Unik anda mencari Pusat Undangan Pernikahan Murah Unik Di Pandeglang dapatkan di sini

Looking for ways to wow your wedding guests Take a page from Jody and Frank’s wedding in Manakin-Sabot Virginia and rent a miniature pony to be your colorful unicorn for the day Your guests will never want to go home! Seriously we haven't seen a creature this magical since bridal designer Hayley Paige's nuptials

Jody and Frank pulled off some of the coolest wedding trends of the year thanks to Kim Moody Design There were dangling flower installations signature cocktails multiple food stations aerial performers late-night eats lawn games and much more—including a live unicorn petting station But what made this wedding truly unforgettable was how thoughtfully and passionately the couple wove their personal narratives family traditions and private jokes into every aspect of the celebration The decadent food and drink selections all paid homage to their hometowns travels grandparents or favorite memories Paper flower peonies honored the bride’s aunt while the one bridesmaid custom designed champagne flutes for the bride and groom

Of all the incredible amenities and personal references our absolute favorite has to be the sweet miniature pony from the Teeny Tiny Farm who was dressed to impress with a baby-blue-and-pink-striped mane and golden horn This four-legged cutie was both a symbol of how magical the day was and also a nod to an inside joke between friends and coworkers (something about the term “unicorn” in the startup world) Honestly we don’t even need an explanation—when a unicorn is in the picture we don’t ask questions

See photos of the unicorn below

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